Worried about learning loss and how it has affected your students' writing skills?

Don't be!

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski covers strategies to help support and improve your students' writing skills for the new academic year. 


Along with strategies, we share how you can use EssayJack, our patented smart writing software to help you reduce your workload while continuing to effectively support student writing online or in-person. 


Title: Strategies to Cope With Learning Loss: A Focus on Student Writing Skills
Date: Tuesday 13th July, 2021
Time: 11am EST


Who is this webinar for? If you're an educator trying to guide your students to catch up to the required writing proficiency for their grade level, prepare them to tackle writing tasks at university or, help them get ready for standardised writing tests. 





Dr. Lindy Ledohowski, OCT (B.A., B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D.) was a former English teacher and then English professor in Canada before becoming an EdTech CEO for academic writing software platform, EssayJack. She has won numerous awards for her teaching, research, and publications, and is now an award-winning entrepreneur. She has published both peer-reviewed scholarship and popular pieces on writing and offers keynote addresses on webinars on EdTech, leadership, and academic writing.