Flexible Pricing and Purchasing Options*

Individual Pricing (USD)

Sign up for your own account for a month or a year if you're a student. Or get your parents to pay for your account. They can create and cancel the account for you, but you'll be the one to use it and get better grades...but they don't even have to give you their credit card number!

If you're an educator, you can purchase your own account to use the full educator functionality.

Account Type
Monthly Price
Yearly Price
Individual (student, educator, or parent)

Bulk Pricing (USD)

Try out EssayJack for a month, or string a few months together and use it for a semester or for years upon years in a row. It's entirely up to you. You can sign up online for your class or course or whole department. 

Or maybe you're a group of parents homeschooling children, and you want to share resources and teach a number of students all at once. You can buy a bulk account, and get all the reviewing and sharing functionality with your children. It's easy, and you can cancel at any time.

Number Of Seats
Yearly Price
10 to 50


(+ tech set up fee + training)

Contact us directly for a quote to meet your needs.

over 50
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*Those ordering for Canadian institutions can get deals through Nelson, our distribution partner in Canada. Contact Nelson directly for bundled and bulk options.

Australasian and certain SE Asian institutions can get deals through iGroup, our distribution partner in that region.  Contact iGroup directly for bundled and bulk options.

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