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Bulk Pricing for Institutions

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How long is the EssayJack trial?

The EssayJack trial lasts for 7 days. We're happy to extend your trial once your 7 days are over if you feel that you need a few more days to decide whether it is the right essay writing support tool for you. Just drop us an email at using the email address linked to your EssayJack account and we'll see what we can do for you.

What can I expect with an EssayJack subscription?

There are two types of EssayJack subscriptions. The first is a monthly recurring (US$9.99) subscription and the second is an annual recurring (US$99.99) subscription. With both plans, you'll be able to continue accessing all the EssayJack essay writing templates, and write as many essays as you want/need with guidance from award-winning educators. 


We will be introducing more features including writing courses, automated reviews, and practice tests. So you'll have much to look forward to if you sign up for an EssayJack subscription today. 

I want to buy EssayJack for my child. How do I do that?

Great! Glad you made the decision to support your child's writing with EssayJack. 


You'll need to make a payment for the type of subscription you want to buy, and we'll issue you an access code for your child to redeem. 


But first, fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch with you will all the steps and instructions. 

Which subscription plan is best for me?

This depends on your needs. 


If you don't have many essays to write throughout the year, sign up easily for recurring Monthly subscription and cancel at any time.


Find yourself writing essays for classes every week? Sign up all at once for a year with the Annual subscription, and don't think about it for another 12 months. Easy.