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Easily export as a doc file when you're done!


Sentence starters of useful phrases to get you on the right track.


Focused text boxes so that writing an essay is easy and quick.


Split screen composing so that you can see your essay in real time.


Start Writing Quickly

Over 70% of students suffer from procrastination; EssayJack users finish essays in advance.


Reduce Writing Anxiety

If you don't know what you don't know, EssayJack's guided prompts help you out, keeping stress low.


Get Better Grades

In every research study at every grade level from 8 to university, students got better grades with EssayJack.


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Writing help for non-native English speakers.

University & College writing.

Transition from middle- to high-school writing.

Essay exam and test practice & preparation.


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Frequently asked questions about EssayJack for students

Can I download and work offline?

No. At present, EssayJack is a web-based tool that requires you log on and use it while connected to the internet.

Is using EssayJack cheating?

No. EssayJack doesn’t give you any content for your essay drafts, but only the structure and connecting bits. You still have to use your own brains.

I don't speak English very well. Can I still use EssayJack?

Yes. EssayJack’s tips and prompts use straightforward language to help you out. If you are really struggling with English language, then you might use our additional services. The good news is that the British Council and Cambridge English have ranked EssayJack as one of the top English Language Teaching tools in the world!


What do students say?

“No need to struggle when technology will do it for you!

University Student

Ottawa, Canada

“First, it is really simple to use. In a way, it gives you lots of details which will build your essay in a professional manner. I hated this app in the beginning of the class, but now it is one of the best app ever created in my opinion. thank you, EssayJack.”

College Student

Toronto, Canada

To be honest, if an actual person told me the tips EssayJack was giving (especially when I was in first year), and if I understood why each individual part (like background, evidence, explanation) was important, I would probably make them take my money.

University Student

Toronto, Canada

“I liked that it included tips and examples of how the layout should be planned out. I also thought that it made writing essays somewhat easier and faster.”

Grade 8 Student

Kingston, Canada

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