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Does your child struggle with academic essay writing? Do you want to help them? As educators, we've seen countless students stress about their writing assignments. That's why we built EssayJack. So let us help you help your child.

Step-by-step essay writing guidance
View real-time progress to encourage writing
Review essays with your child with EssayJack rubrics
Learning university level essay writing
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Transitioning from secondary to college or university is hard. Expectations change. Our software helps.

Mastering essay writing and critical thinking
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Writing is a key skill that students need to master. Give them the quality help they might need.

Writing support to improve grades
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Students who use EssayJack not only sound smarter, but they get better grades across the board.

What do parents say about EssayJack?

My son did get some grades back after using EssayJack and he did see a significant improvement.  The transitions, in particular, were noticeable and helpful in improving the flow of his paper.  It has been interesting watching him read the instructions for each section.  It helped him organise his thoughts as he had never done before.


Toronto, Canada

I didn't know how to help my son with his writing. The steps and prompts you provide make it seem like he has a tutor right there beside him, and I can monitor it. I love it.


Ottawa, Canada

I just wanted to say 'thank you for EssayJack.' I don't know what it is, but my son is a minimal writer, and he just wrote 1,200 words without complaining!


Durham, Canada

Kids at home. All that school work. At that age where listening to us is a challenge. We had G try EssayJack for her school work. It really motivated her. Gave her the guidance to work with her writing in a more structured way. She says it makes her smart!! 


Ottawa, Canada

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