EssayJack for Institutions

Need multiple accounts? Want standard lessons across multiple classes and sections? Want to speed up the marking and feedback process? LTI compliant, so EssayJack works with your favourite LMS. Easy integration.



Get data and overview insights on your institutional dashboard.


Create standard feedback metrics across your institution.


Use custom templates across your institution made to fit your curricular or test-specific requirements.


Blog offers free writing and teaching resources online, including lessons and tips for your institution.


Preserve Retention Rates

Help those at risk of failing; help those whose writing needs remediation; lower drop out rates.


Support International Students

Help international students adjust to the expectations of academic writing in "the West."


Uniformity Across Sections

Create standard assignments across multi-section courses or tutorials with many instructors.



Get your own dashboard. See multiple groups and users all at once. Badge with your own institutional logo.

Dive right in and sign up for EssayJack, and then talk to us about custom options that are right for you.


Frequently asked questions about EssayJack for institutions

I want my whole university/school/college to use EssayJack. Do you do bulk licenses?

You better believe it! You can subscribe online for many different accounts and upload users with both student and educator functionality. 

I just want to try it with my class. Can I get accounts for a class?

You sure can! Sign up for a class-wide account and add your students. Then you can share assignments, do peer review, and see your students improve their writing.

I'm in charge of a whole district/board. Do you do big adoptions?

We do. Our large adoptions are based on per seat pricing. Contact us with the details of your district or board and we can give you a sense of pricing.


What do administrators say?

“I can use this to standardize writing across multiple sections of one, big communications course.”

College Administrator

Toronto, Canada

“In conjunction with the writing workshops offered by EssayJack's extra services, this software gives our team a take away that they can use long after the workshop is over.”

Business Owner

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Essay jack is a brilliant program!

Program Coordinator

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We’ve all been there. Writer’s block affects everyone at some point in their lives. Now thanks to EssayJack, a start up founded by University of Toronto alumni, there’s a web-based platform that pre-structures essays, allowing the writing to be done quickly and painlessly.”

University Program Coordinator

Toronto, Canada

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