EssayJack for Educators

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Teach essay writing with a scaffolded approach, building the essay bit by bit.


Create custom tips, prompts, sections etc. for your students, so they have your guidance online 24/7.


Toggle sections on/off to create custom formats. Add video/audio clips for your learners. 


Speed up the feedback process with a built-in rubric and scoped commenting for peer, self, or final assessment.

Plan and Outline

Quickly teach essay outlining and use progressive templating in class.


Read and Review

Identify and flag common errors on student drafts.


Rate and Evaluate

Peer, self, or educator rubric-based formative feedback.


Use EssayJack to teach writing. Use it to mark quickly. Use it for peer review. Use it simply to support your students' writing.

Dive right in and sign up for EssayJack.


Frequently asked questions about EssayJack for educators

Does EssayJack work with Google Classroom?

Sure does! We have a Google OAuth sign in option, and so long as you upload your students' google email into the system, you and they can just sign in with the click of a button.

Can I use Google Docs with EssayJack?

Yes and no. As soon as your students have written their full draft using EssayJack, then they can export it as a doc and open it in Google Docs. You can then see their work and provide real time feedback.

What if the tips and language I use in my class is different from EssayJack's?

The world-class EssayJack platform can be tailored by you. With an educator-enabled account, you can turn on/off sections, change words, add your own tips, and anything else you want to make the tool work for you.


What do educators say?

“EssayJack was easy to implement, and most students seemed to work with it well too.”

School Teacher

Whitby, Canada

Overall the quality of student writing improved. EssayJack gave the students a framework and structure within which to write.”

School Teacher

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I use a paper copy of an essay template that I designed myself. EssayJack was essentially a digital copy of that outline!”

School Teacher

Ottawa, Canada

“In our study we had two classes using EssayJack and two classes as a control group without EssayJack. At the end of the term, the EssayJack classes had a higher average than the control group.”

University Professor

Toronto, Canada

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