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Then you'll love the scaffolding tool we've built. Teach and support student essay writing from anywhere, at any time, for any level. School. College. University. 

Create or customise essay writing templates with EssayJack
Create courses for written assignments with EssayJack
Review essays for or with your students with EssayJack
Organise all your essay writing resources
Organise writing resources

Upload all your readings, guidance, rubrics, and any other content related to supporting students' writing to your EssayJack account and share them with your courses.

Standardise essay writing instruction
Standardise your guidance

Teaching multiple sections? Overseeing TAs? Co-teaching across the school? Share templates, courses, and assignments to standardise instruction across courses.

Focus on teaching content instead of teaching writing
Focus on your content

By using the EssayJack platform, student essays are structured better, with ideas flowing logically so that you can focus on their ideas, content, and sophistication.

What do Educators say about EssayJack?

I've been on the professional development side of the EdTech industry for almost 20 years now, and it's rare to see an educational tool that is so clearly designed by educators. The application is not just a passive support tool; it actually teaches students about the writing process. I highly recommend it for both K-12 and post-secondary students. 

Kim Peacock

Academic Technology Coordinator, Alberta, Canada

Evoke Learning is delighted to partner with EssayJack, which has proven to be a valuable tool for our clients. EssayJack provides the brainstorming and writing structure our clients require to get started with the writing process. It allows us to provide valuable feedback to our students as they navigate their way through a written assignment. EssayJack, where have you been all our academic lives?

Kate Lloyd & Denise Harding

Evoke Learning Owners, Ontario, Canada

Crescent Student Services introduced EssayJack as an adaptive technology program for students who struggle to organize their essays. EssayJack provides the structure and gives the student prompts so that he can organize his ideas as he writes. As a former English teacher, I am so pleased to see that the prompts the program provides are the same as I would give if I was sitting beside the student while he is writing.

Roberta Longpré

Head of Student Services, Crescent School, Ontario, Canada

My students were given the opportunity to use EssayJack in a third-year International Human Rights course. Over a third of the students signed up for EssayJack accounts, and of these students who used EssayJack to prepare their written submissions, 75% improved their grades.

Melanie Adrian, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Carleton University, Ontario, Canada

Questions from students [on written assignments] were taking up too much class time to go over, over and over again, so if it's things I've said before, I'm not doing it in class anymore, it's on EssayJack. 

Andrea Chute

Instructor, MacEwan University Nursing School, Alberta, Canada

Make teaching academic essay structure easy

Getting essay structure right is the biggest challenge for most students. EssayJack's smart templates teach students about the conventions of academic essay writing. They make teaching writing in-class or remotely and setting written assignments easier for all educators at your institution.


Give educators a tool to guide students' writing 24/7

We don't believe that educators can be replaced by technology. With EssayJack educators can create and customise writing templates to suit the requirements of a course or the needs of a specific student. Replicating this at an institutional level ensures that all students have the writing support they need, at all times.

Ensure all students learn to write quality essays

We created EssayJack to level the playing field in academic writing. Using EssayJack across an institution achieves this by ensuring that every student always has access to writing guidance that is pedagogically sound and follows the conventions of academic writing set by your institution and its educators.


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