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Here are some of our FAQs. Or you can scroll to the bottom to link to our EssayJack Help Center.

EssayJack is used across Canada in schools, colleges and universities. Outside of Canada, you can sign up to get EssayJack in your class, school, or department directly online either as an individual or as part of a bulk subscription. 


Q: I am a school teacher in Canada. How do I get EssayJack either just for myself or for my whole class?

A: EssayJack can be purchased through Nelson, our Canadian distribution partner. Get in touch with them to find out the best deal!


Q: I want to try EssayJack with my class. How can I do that?

A: Easily. You can sign up online for as many or as few accounts as you'd like. You can try it for a month or a whole year.


Q: Do you have different pricing for a bulk license.

A: Yes. The larger the adoption, the lower the per user price.  See our pricing table.


Q: Can parents or students pay for their own accounts and still use it as part of my class activities?

A: Yes. EssayJack can be bought like a digital textbook by parents or students, and you can still make custom tweaks so long as you connect your account with theirs.


Q: What if I just want to recommend EssayJack to my students, but not make it required?

A: That's how many of our educators use EssayJack. They point their at risk students or their advanced students or their international students to EssayJack as an additional technology.


Q: Can I be a reseller for EssayJack?

A: Yes, you sure can! We have reseller and distribution arrangements, especially if you teach or tutor students and want to get them on board.


Q: Is EssayJack fully integrated into Google Classroom?

A: Yes and no. It is fully integrated from a sign on/sign in perspective, and a link to EssayJack can be added to your Google Classroom, but it won't just automatically appear.


Q:  I teach university. Is EssayJack advanced enough for higher level writers?

A: Yes. EssayJack has been used by professional academics, especially to get a quick draft. However, the sweet spot is really the early years university/transition to university student user.


Q: I don't want the EssayJack tips and prompts. Can I make my own?

A: Yes. Everything can be tailored by you to meet your specific requirements. We can even do that for you.


Q: Why would I want EssayJack for my students?

A: There are lots of reasons.  The quickest and easiest reason is that EssayJack takes sound essay-teaching pedagogy and makes it available to students 24/7. 


Q: Can I mark using EssayJack?

A: Yes. EssayJack has rubric-based review functionality as well as individual commenting. You can use both for either formative feedback along the way, or as final feedback when your students are finished.


Q: Does it really increase student grades?

A: Yes. We've done 5 different rounds of studies at different age and grade levels, and no matter what the test parameters, students' grades increased. We are writing up these results as a peer-reviewed paper right now.



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