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How long does a free trial last?

The EssayJack trial lasts for 7 days. We're happy to extend your trial once your 7 days are over if you feel that you need a few more days to decide whether it is the right essay writing support tool for you. Just drop us an email at hello@essayjack.com using the email address linked to your EssayJack account and we'll get that done for you.

Is using EssayJack considered cheating?

No, not at all. EssayJack provides templates or frameworks with guidance that student users can populate using their own words and ideas. The app uses pedagogical concepts known as scaffolding and chunking to teach users how to build different types of essays. 


Check out this blog to understand how to differentiate between what writing help is considered cheating and plagiarism and what is not. 

Is EssayJack downloadable?

Not at the moment. It will be in the future but for now, you'll need an internet connection to use the web-app. 

For Students

Does EssayJack write my essays for me?

Nope! EssayJack is all about academic integrity. It's an app created by two experienced and award-winning professors who want to guide you through your essay writing journey. EssayJack provides writing templates with tips, prompts, and sentence starters that you can follow to draft any type of essay you need.

Which subscription type is best for me?

We have two subscription types: monthly and annual. 


The type of subscription you need will really depend on how often you will need to write essays. For courses or classes heavy on writing assignments like the humanities we recommend getting an annual subscription. For others where writing assignments are rare, you can opt for a monthly subscription which you can activate whenever you require. 

Will my grades really improve if I use EssayJack?

We can't guarantee that your essay grades will improve. But we can tell you that in all the studies we've done, with students ranging from Grade 8 to third-year university courses, between 75% to 100% of students saw an improvement in grades. And the feedback given by their educators indicated that they saw a significant improvement in an essay written using EssayJack! Check out this blog for more information. 

For Educators

Is EssayJack only for teaching essay writing?

EssayJack is primarily focused on teaching & learning essay writing. 


You can use it to teach essay writing using progressive templating or support students with customisable smart writing templates. For those teaching non-English subjects, EssayJack is also a great tool to create templates for written assignments, ensuring students not only get the structure correct but also get the content right too.


However, we do have features and functions that are complementary to this such as the review function, the ability to create a course to house all your writing assignments, and creating mock test templates (coming soon!) for essay questions on exams. 



How flexible or customisable is EssayJack?

EssayJack templates are fully customisable. Educators can edit everything on a template. You can toggle on and off sections and rename them. Add in videos or audios for each section. Edit tips, sentence starters, prompts, word counts etc. 

I want to try EssayJack with my class, how can I do that?

Yes, absolutely. And we recommend this as well! Trying out EssayJack for a period of 2-3 months or for a semester worked best for most of our current institutional users. 


If you'd like us to set you up for a free trial for your entire class fill up this form and we'll be in touch!


For Institutions

Does EssayJack work with any LMS?

Yes! We have a quick integration process that will take less than 30-minutes. We'll just need your tech team to liaise with ours and they'll get the job done.

Do educators or institutions have to create their own templates?

Educators and institutions can create their own templates. 


EssayJack can customise templates for institutional use but this will come at an extra cost and will depend on the amount of effort required, number of templates required, subject matter, etc. 

Does EssayJack do institutional trials?

Of course! And we highly recommend this so educators, students, and administrators at your institution get familiar with EssayJack before purchasing it. 


We recommend a trial period of between 2 to 3 or one semester/term to gauge the improvement in students writing before and after the implementation of EssayJack. 


If you're keen to try out EssayJack for your institution please fill out this form and we'll get in touch to get you started. 


For Parents

Can I use EssayJack to support my child's writing outside of school?

Yes, definitely! EssayJack was designed by educators for students. If for some reason you think they are not getting the writing support they need, using EssayJack is a great alternative. Or if you feel your child needs a supplement to his or her writing instruction at school, this is the tool for them. 

How do I get EssayJack for my child?

Fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch with you ASAP to guide you through the process of getting your child started with EssayJack. 


In the meanwhile, we recommend you get your child to create a trial account with EssayJack to begin getting familiar with it. 

Do I need an account to review my child's essays?

Depends on what you and your child are comfortable with, your budget, and how often you review your child's work. 

If you review your child's work often and have the budget we recommend you get an "Educator" account for yourself so that you can create templates and assignments, review their essays etc. This would also be useful if you homeschool your child. 


However, if you don't review your child's essays often, don't want to spend more, and/or are comfortable with logging into your child's account, then you can always use the "Self-Review" function to review your child's essay from their account. 

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