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Maybe your school or district is now turning to take-home exams. Perhaps your college or university has decided to have you write exams at home. Awesome, right? You'll have your notes and be able to write in the comfort of your home. But remember: it's still an exam and you'll still want to prepare. So here are strategies to make sure you ace those take-home exams!

EssayJack 28.04.2020

For three years I taught a university course all about Critical Writing, and one of the most important elements of this required course was to help students see the importance of a good, sophisticated, and well-developed thesis statement as the linch pin of their essay. But sometimes that's easier said than done. As students are now often working from home and don't necessarily have face-to-face access to colleagues and professors due to Covid-19, we've collected some of our key advice to help support your academic writing. In particular, here's how you can craft a good, sophisticated, and well-developed thesis statement.

EssayJack 30.03.2020

Okay, you may find yourself stuck at home, without the face-to-face interaction with your instructor that you'd been hoping to get. You may have an academic essay to finish as part of your degree program, but no TA help. Or you might have an article that you've promised to write, and now you won't be able to ask your supervisor any of those questions that you're too shy to put in an email. Or you could be a mom with a student at home who you are trying hard to support. This blog speaks to all of you about how to think about METHODOLOGY when it comes to academic writing.

As we all know, the point of an argumentative essay is to prove one’s thesis. The way in which that is done is by providing evidence to support points that all add up to support the thesis.


Arguments exist everywhere in the world around us. These are sometimes not made by logically backing up points with meaningful proof and evidence. Therefore, it is up to us to figure out what tools and tricks are constantly being used on us to convince us of one thing or another. Let's go over how to spot logical fallacies. 

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