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The primary purpose of punctuation is to ensure the clarity and readability of writing. Punctuation clarifies sentence structure, separating some words and grouping others. It adds meaning to written words and guides the understanding of readers as they move through sentences. Often people advise that commas are used as a "pause" or a "breath" in a sentence, but that's not really all that helpful in providing technical rules or guidelines. And there are, in fact, some fairly technical rules and guidelines when it comes to using the comma usage.


What is an argumentative essay? What makes a good argumentative essay? How can you get a good grade on your argumentative essay?

EssayJack 09.06.2020

Maybe your school or district is now turning to take-home exams. Perhaps your college or university has decided to have you write exams at home. Awesome, right? You'll have your notes and be able to write in the comfort of your home. But remember: it's still an exam and you'll still want to prepare. So here are strategies to make sure you ace those take-home exams!

EssayJack 28.04.2020

Poetry is one of the most important literary genres studied in English-language classes around the world. But poetry, when not set to music as rap or a song, can be hard for students to engage with. There seem to be a whole host of literary terms that only English teachers use - things like synecdoche and metonymy - and often students struggle with where to begin with poetry. But it doesn't have to be that way here are 2 steps to make it more fun!


EssayJack 30.03.2020

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