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Could care less” vs. “couldn’t care less”

People have been known to engage in bitter arguments as to which of these English terms is correct. But all it takes is a bit of logic to work out the winner.

People may have corrected you from time to time on your use of “fewer” or “less” in English sentences. So what’s the difference?

The issue is a matter of count nouns vs. non-count nouns.

Avoid stepping in major English grammar do-do (or is it due-due???).  Keep reading to learn more.

March 24, 2017 was a breakthrough day for writers:

The Associated Press style guide allowed -- for the very first time -- that forms of they” might sometimes be used to stand for singular nouns. It was by no means a full-blown endorsement. But it opened the door to a usage that has appeared in common English speech for decades.

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