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Goodbye 2020



This year has been a true rollercoaster ride. It's been trying for everyone. And we just want to say how amazed we are at how dedicated educators and students have shown that learning never stops. 


We find it hard to express our awe in what educators have been able to achieve since the start of this pandemic. We've seen educators learning new software, juggling in-person with online teaching, changing assessments, all the while carrying on with responsibilities with families at home.


We've seen students learn in all new ways, manage their time, and deal with isolation. 


Through it all we've been here to help, but we've also been impressed with what you've been able to achieve. Data suggests that learning loss is less than anyone predicted due to your hard work!


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We wish you all the best for this holiday season, and instead of doing our annual countdown or general happy holidays post, this year it is our sincere wish that you can take some time off, and so that is what we wish you right now.


Be safe.

Be healthy.



We'll be here in 2021 to support you with all your teaching and writing needs. Just because you may not be face-to-face this year, doesn't mean that your academic writing should suffer. We're here for you.


If you're a student in middle school, high school or university, we have blogs and videos to help you improve your essay writing


If you're an educator, learn more about how EssayJack can support you to teach writing in-person or remotely.


Happy Holidays 2020 Stay Safe & Healthy


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