EduTech Asia: We'll be there...will you be?

EssayJack 07.10.2018

This 2017-2018 academic year has been one heck of a great one for all of us at Team EssayJack, and we're excited to be showcasing some of the newest improvements to our platform and to our delivery of the best literacy software for teachers to teach writing, or to teach their specific content with their custom tips built into our platform, or for students to simply create their own accounts for our generic help on essay-writing and/or test preparation. 

And where will we be showcasing all this?

Why at EduTech Asia in Singapore, of course!


We'll be at booth D28, showcasing EssayJack, hosting a prize giveaway, meeting and greeting, and generally having a good time and engaging with the best and the brightest in the EdTech industry.


Our CEO, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski, an award-winning educator, scholar, writer, and entrepreneur will be on hand, and she's already written a piece for the organizers' blog (and you can read it here).  In it she writes:


"What broke my heart as I stood at the front of classrooms where I would have a mere 12 weeks to teach a set of novels or poetry from the Renaissance to the 21st Century, was that many of these bright, capable, and interesting international students who had worked hard to master the level of English that the various international tests and standards set for them nonetheless did not have the cultural training in the specific kinds of critical thinking skills that are routinely required in humanities and liberal arts courses in the English-speaking world."


For her, EdTech, has the possibility to be the great equalizer. It offers an option for equity as all students, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the best education and guidance through software.


Given that dedication to equity - especially through English language acquisition - we are so excited to be hauling ourselves to the conference. Follow along on the branded hashtags throughout the week to see pictures and real time updates!

Twitter:  #EduTECHAsia and @edutech_asia 

Facebook: @edutechasia.expo


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