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As a University Professor, my students constantly ask: “Am I on the right track?” They want to know whether their essays make sense. Specifically, they want to know whether their essays will get a good grade upon evaluation.

What matters more when writing an essay: the content or structure? You will be surprised at what actually matters. It's the structure. Essays with good ideas without logic or a connection which leads you seamlessly from one sentence into another is hard to understand and even worse to have to grade! Imagine going to a movie where the end came at the beginning, the plot twist comes at the end, the main character is introduced halfway through the movie, and there is no resolution to the main conflict. Not a good idea and that's why no one has ever produced this movie. 

Avoid “Grade Shock:” How Not to Lose Grades in the Transition from High School to University

For #backtoschool, it's important to note that research shows that “A” students in high school are most likely to suffer grade-shock or a drop of nearly two grade levels when they transition from high school to university. Our Knowledge Ambassador, Dr. Anthony Cantor, offered advice to students making this difficult adjustment here, but with the start of the shool year, it's worth revisiting this topic.

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