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“A better essay is what we all want.”

A professor said that to me almost fifteen years ago, and it became the guiding principle of my work as a university instructor and especially as the Knowledge Ambassador for EssayJack.

Attention High School Essay Writers—

There is a Reason Why You Get That Rubric!


I wandered down back stairwells and corridors with flickering overhead lights in a forgotten wing of the old university building. I found the room. It could easily have been a dungeon cell or a monks chamber, not an academic office. I walked in and saw Mike, the teaching assistant in my introductory religion course, sitting behind a metal desk.


This was not what Id expected. It was my first essay in my first year of university. I was a music student at the time and had enrolled in the course, U.S. History 1945-68,” out of a passion for history and interest in the time period. Id entertained fantasies of the professor reading my essay and telling me that I had to switch my major to history. I was not a modest first-year student. I thought that the world needed the historical insight and wisdom Id gleaned in my eighteen years.

It didn’t.

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