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If you’ve clicked on this blog thinking it will lead you to the silver bullet for relieving essay writing anxiety then you may be a little disappointed. What I can offer you is some advice on what generally works for most people, and has worked for me on many occasions, in school, university (when I bothered), and in the workplace.

At EssayJack, we understand, both from a student and educator perspective, the phenomenon of procrastination especially when it comes to the daunting task of written assignments. We’ve designed EssayJack to put off procrastination for good by helping you get started and by breaking things down into small manageable chunks which in turn actually reduces anxiety, making the task easier and faster to get done.   

EssayJack is an online platform that helps students with English for Academic Purposes writing, and our website proudly claims that ours is a company For Students, By Professors, but what does that really mean and why should you care?

EssayJack 04.12.2018

Writing essays for school, college, and university can be daunting. In many ways the genre of the essay is slightly out dated in our world of blogs, texts, tweets, insta posts, and microblogging. Because we are less and less familiar with writing essays these days, they are often something we only do in the context of school. As a result, writing essays feels a bit weird. Add to that the fact that most teachers and professors out there may have first learned how to write essays either by hand or on old word processing software, whereas students these days have often learned not to write or type, but to text with their thumbs! So the technology is moving in one direction, but schools, colleges, universities, and testing boards still expect students to display mastery over essays - be they short exam essays or long graduate theses - and so if you have an essay to write, what should you do first?

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