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Bett Asia is returning to the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur 15-16 November 2017. This event will once again bring together the region’s education community to discuss the transformation of education and to discover the innovation that will inspire change.

There will be 1,700+ education policy-makers, leaders and experts from 40+ countries to the two day Leadership Summit and Expo, where the latest trends, challenges and advancements in education and technology will be addressed, with a distinct focus on Asia Pacific.

At team EssayJack, we are honoured and excited to be showcasing EssayJack at this important conference as part of our Asian launch. 

EssayJack 13.11.2017

"Miss L," a student began, looking up at me from her desk to where I, as a novice teacher stood at the front of the room and asked me one of those crucial questions that throws a lesson plan out the window; she asked:

"Why do we study English, anyway?" 

“The language of the university is English.”

These words were spoken by a senior professor in my department. I had just begun my MA and was at an orientation for teaching assistants. The graduate student leading the session had described the university’s multicultural, international community. He encouraged us to take international students’ difficulties with English into account when marking their essays.

What is it like to teach in today's secondary and post-secondary classrooms in our increasingly globalised and international world where students come from all over the place, and the continuity of education from early grades to higher education is no longer a given? What strategies can we as educators employ? I've been thinking long and hard about issues of diversity, equity, and multiculturalism for many years as both a scholar and an educator, and equity is something I don't take lightly. Here are some of my thoughts about how to integrate a commitment to equity and diversity into meaningful teaching practice...

Before getting into the world of EduTech, I was a more straightforward English educator. I taught high school English and then went on to become a literature professor. My approach to literary study, however, has always foregrounded empowerment and equity. While researching and writing about postcolonialism and identity politics in contemporary literature, I gave myself a sound theoretical and scholarly foundation in these ideas, but it was when I stood in front of classes of real live students that the theory was put into practice.

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