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The Businesswoman of The Year Awards have recognized the accomplishments of outstanding women in the National Capital Region since 1983 andthis year, our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski, has been named as a finalist in the Emerging Entrepreneur category. Please join us in congratulating Lindy on this feat. She has written about her experiences moving from being a tenure track English professor to being an EdTech start up CEO (here and here and here among other places), and her story about leaping successfully from the academic track to the entrepreneurial one is a narrative we wish more people knew. As a strong womanin business and leader to our team, we are just so very proud that the BYAs have sat up and taken notice of her accomplishments.




EssayJack 01.03.2018

Most of our team has spent years and years in school, either as students or as educators. Our two co-founders have 7 university degrees between them, and they've taught every grade all the way up to the PhD level! What that means is that we know how tiring an academic year can be and how great it is to have holiday time around the turn of the new year.

So as we celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one, here are our top ten moments from 2017 as counted down under the #EJ2017moments hashtag:

EssayJack 02.01.2018

Avoid “Grade Shock:” How Not to Lose Grades in the Transition from High School to University

For #backtoschool, it's important to note that research shows that “A” students in high school are most likely to suffer grade-shock or a drop of nearly two grade levels when they transition from high school to university. Our Knowledge Ambassador, Dr. Anthony Cantor, offered advice to students making this difficult adjustment here, but with the start of the shool year, it's worth revisiting this topic.

"I need to talk to you about something."

Toward the end of a semester, I always had a handful of conversations with students that started this way. Students who hadn't turned in any term work, or who hadn't attended class, or who had earned low marks came to my office to confide in me.



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