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When the night grows late, and you have an essay assignment due for class, you may find yourself online doing a desperate Google search for "essay help" or "essay writing software" in the hopes that the internet will provide you with a seemingly magical solution to your research paper or term paper woes. Various different essay writing apps will pop up in your search, and you will likely find essay writing software there to provide you with help on your essays.

EssayJack 29.11.2017

Bett Asia is returning to the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur 15-16 November 2017. This event will once again bring together the region’s education community to discuss the transformation of education and to discover the innovation that will inspire change.

There will be 1,700+ education policy-makers, leaders and experts from 40+ countries to the two day Leadership Summit and Expo, where the latest trends, challenges and advancements in education and technology will be addressed, with a distinct focus on Asia Pacific.

At team EssayJack, we are honoured and excited to be showcasing EssayJack at this important conference as part of our Asian launch. 

EssayJack 13.11.2017

The finalists have just been announced by The Tech Edvocate Awards in a whole host of educational categories from pre-kindergarten all the way up to college and university. In a spirit that recognises "change and innovation," these awards celebrate "the best that edtech has to offer by recognizing outstanding companies, people, products, etc." 

EssayJack 25.10.2017

"I already know how to teach." 

More than a few teachers respond this way when they are first introduced to a new educational technology, or EdTech. It's a completely understandable reaction. But at EssayJack, teachers are our partners, not our competitors. 

Digitalisation and mechanisation have brought structural transformations and upheavals to numerous sectors of the economy, and professionals such as teachers and even doctors are no longer immune. Education budgets are being cut and policy makers, searching for quantifiable outcomes, often devalue the humanities. There is, then, a warranted fear among teachers that increased adoption of EdTech will result in less investment in educators: fewer teachers at lower salaries. Relatedly, teachers may be wary of EdTech for pedagogical reasons. Their teaching is based on years of education and practical experience. They are committed to their students' learning experiences and need to know that a tech solution will be a productive use of their limited time and resources rather than a gimmick. They rightly don't want to let an EdTech tool determine their pedagogy.

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