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Procrastination turns into cheating

You’re sitting there with a massive 1,500 word essay due tomorrow and you’re probably feeling confused, annoyed, overwhelmed or even anxious. You do everything you can to prepare yourself to write what will be an epic essay (well, at least you hope so!).

  • Coffee? Check.
  • Some YouTube video with music that’s good for focus? Check.
  • A quiet spot in the library on campus? Check.
  • Phone on silent? Check. 

Okay, let's do this! Good thing you've done all your research already (or have you?), and you have copious summaries on the subject matter and bookmarked web pages for reference.

Forty-five minutes later you’ve got one, maybe two, lines. And then back to feeling frustrated with thoughts bouncing back and forth between, "Why didn’t I start this earlier?” and "Okay, I can do this, just need to pull an 'all nighter'”...

Every now and then there is a great conference that you should be part of. It'll be in your industry or profession, or maybe it's that symposium where all the great thinkers in your field are gathered together.

This week that conference is the World Conference on Online Learning being held in Toronto, Canada. Our Knowledge Ambassador, Dr. Anthony Cantor, will be coming out of his leave from work in order to deliver a paper - EssayJack: Essay Writing through Online Learning - at the conference. 


EssayJack 16.10.2017

"I need to talk to you about something."

Toward the end of a semester, I always had a handful of conversations with students that started this way. Students who hadn't turned in any term work, or who hadn't attended class, or who had earned low marks came to my office to confide in me.



What is it like to teach in today's secondary and post-secondary classrooms in our increasingly globalised and international world where students come from all over the place, and the continuity of education from early grades to higher education is no longer a given? What strategies can we as educators employ? I've been thinking long and hard about issues of diversity, equity, and multiculturalism for many years as both a scholar and an educator, and equity is something I don't take lightly. Here are some of my thoughts about how to integrate a commitment to equity and diversity into meaningful teaching practice...

Before getting into the world of EduTech, I was a more straightforward English educator. I taught high school English and then went on to become a literature professor. My approach to literary study, however, has always foregrounded empowerment and equity. While researching and writing about postcolonialism and identity politics in contemporary literature, I gave myself a sound theoretical and scholarly foundation in these ideas, but it was when I stood in front of classes of real live students that the theory was put into practice.

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