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Let's say you are a high school or university student, and you have an essay to write. You teacher or instructor has assigned an essay on a topic, and it's up to you to write that essay.

There are a number of services out there that promise to write your essay for you as a professional service. They promise that they are "100% Plagiarism Free," but all that means is that they will write your essay for you (rather than simply find something online), but it's still plagiarism. You know why? Plagiarism simply means that you are passing off another author's writing as your own, and is considered academic dishonesty.

When I tell people that I devote an entire three-hour class to teaching the comma, they are often incredulous. The comma seems like such a simple little device. But of all the punctuation marks we use in English it can certainly be the most costly. And by “costly” I mean, quite literally, “costing money.”

When talking to students, most often they will recognise that they might struggle with a particular aspect of writing. Most often they'll say things like "my grammar sucks" or "my instructor just doesn't like my writing style" or "my teacher just wants me to repeat from class." 

As a University Professor, my students constantly ask: “Am I on the right track?” They want to know whether their essays make sense. Specifically, they want to know whether their essays will get a good grade upon evaluation.

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