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You might know the song from Fiddler on the Roof that goes “If I were a rich man.” And if you do, you might have wondered why the words didn’t go “If I was a rich man.” After all, isn’t it true that “was” is singular and “were” is plural? “I were” simply sounds wrong!

But you may be surprised to learn that the use of “were” in the song is actually correct. The issue is one of what is known as “mood.” And the verb in “If I were a rich man” is in what grammarians call the subjunctive mood.

Did you know that verbs could have "moods"? They do, but different kinds of "moods" than emotional states. When we're talking about the "moods" of verbs, we aren't talking about being happy or sad, but something quite different.

EssayJack 21.02.2018

Our happily married co-founders, Dr Lindy Ledohowski and Dr Rueban Balasubramaniam, recently sat down with Jeff Sandhu from BFM Radio for a captivating interview about EssayJack. After the interview Jeff said "it was definitely among my top 5 most memorable interviews in the 8 years of radio journalism."

Everyone likes to hear entrepreneurial stories, what the journey is like, and how one goes from having an idea to bringing it to market. This podcast interview was lively, passionate, and funny. The interviewer and our two co-founders chatted and laughed together, and the time flew by. Listen to it for yourself and see if it holds your attention from start to finish!


EssayJack 14.02.2018

With the changeover from 2017 to 2018 we have an "out with the old, in with the new" motto here at EssayJack headquarters. In particular, we began rolling out our new EssayJack interface, which includes the same much-loved essay drafting features as well as some new functionality, including a brand new dashboard that puts all the links to EssayJack's functions in one place!

EssayJack 01.02.2018


2017 was a big year for EssayJack. Not only did we begin the rebuild of the EssayJack platform based on feedback from thousands of educator and student users, but we also launched our free trial and moved our executive team to Asia to oversee expansion on that side of the globe.

With all of this work under our belt behind the scenes, our CEO has worked tirelessly, overseeing various teams and projects, rolling up her sleeves for tasks both big and small, covering up for people on their leaves and holidays, and generally doing it all with a smile on her face.

Like most good leaders, she doesn't ask for praise (or get much of it), but we are proud that a global body of IT experts have noted her leadership and found it worthy.

EssayJack 26.01.2018

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