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When teaching writing, there is always a tension between mastering the form of a given genre and being able to express that something special that will elevate one's writing beyond the mundane and into the truly exceptional.

Templates and other writing guides, therefore, run the risk of being overly prescriptive and stomping on creativity or the expression of individuality and talent, which are the elements that underpin truly great writing.

As the 2017 school year comes to its close, and students, educators, and parents alike are all getting ready for the holidays, we wanted to take a moment to wish you the very best of this festive season. 

On behalf of everyone here at Team EssayJack, it is my pleasure to send our seasons greetings to you and yours and wish you all a safe and happy holiday. 

We will close down our EssayJack offices the week of December 25 to January 1, and look forward to starting 2018 all bright eyed and bushy tailed after the holidays.

Recently a professor friend of mine whom I used to work with posted a query from a student who was looking into which section of a required English course to take. The student writes: "Don't want to actually learn anything in english, just want a high mark and get my communications course over with. Minimal work for highest mark basically. Thanks!" My friend's posting of this yielded an interesting - sometimes frustrating, sometimes productive - online discussion from fellow academics about what to do with this type of student, how to reach him/her, and how to articulate clearly the importance of English as a scholarly discipline. I think, however, that there might be some other things to consider in looking at students with this attitude.

It's very easy for teachers and professors to complain about "kids these days" who seemingly can't write or look up from their phones. It's easy to shake our proverbial canes at the younger generation and bemoan their lack of skills.

But there's more to it than that.

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