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Wondering how to improve your essay writing skills? Well, you and I both know the only way to do this is to practice more. But practice what? And practice how? Easy: practice reading, writing, and getting feedback.

Our software wasn't created by VCs looking to go viral, or computer programmers playing behind their screens, or by those looking to make money off of students and their parents. Our software was created by professors who really want to help students and educators be successful in their writing goals. So we sat down with cofounder and current EssayJack CEO, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski, a former English teacher and professor to ask what she wishes more students knew about essay writing. 

EssayJack 09.01.2020

You’ve been assigned to write a persuasive essay, but your instructor has left the choice of topic up to you. So what do you do now? Of course you’ve got opinions on lots of subjects, but you’ve got to be careful. In fact, choosing an appropriate topic to write about can be a little tricky, especially given academic expectations in schools, colleges, and universities.


EssayJack 27.11.2019

“Sub” is a Latin prefix meaning “beneath.” A subordinate is an individual who is lower in rank than someone else. A subway is a transport system that’s underground. A submarine travels below the surface of the water. A subcompact is a car that is even smaller than a compact car. You get the idea.

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