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The primary purpose of punctuation is to ensure the clarity and readability of writing. Punctuation clarifies sentence structure, separating some words and grouping others. It adds meaning to written words and guides the understanding of readers as they move through sentences. Often people advise that commas are used as a "pause" or a "breath" in a sentence, but that's not really all that helpful in providing technical rules or guidelines. And there are, in fact, some fairly technical rules and guidelines when it comes to using the comma usage.

Whether you're a student, an educator, a parent, or just a concerned private citizen, and wherever in the world you may be, as the Black Lives Matter protests that began in the United States have unfurled and spread to various other parts of the world, you might have found yourself asking, "What can I do?" We had the same question. We have taken some time to think, reflect, and listen before offering some perspectives on how we feel we can help you help others. 

EssayJack 15.06.2020


What is an argumentative essay? What makes a good argumentative essay? How can you get a good grade on your argumentative essay?

EssayJack 09.06.2020

The global literacy rate is around 85%, yet writing is a problem for a majority of students. If students are unable to write well and communicate in an appropriate fashion, not only will their educational prospects be limited, but their professional and job prospects as well. As educators, it is our responsibility and duty to help students to write well, and we can always use more tips to help in this ongoing endeavour to empower students as they master the written word.

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