We know how to write a good essay

Because we've been teaching, researching, and writing essays for almost our entire lives. So we've gotten pretty good at it...

Before we stood in front of classes teaching, we were students ourselves. Growing up in Malaysia and Canada, neither of us thought of ourselves as the "smart" or "gifted" students. We struggled to master the art of academic writing to be successful in the fields of Law and English at university. Through our experiences, we emerged with a deep belief that mastery over language is a profound equaliser.

But statistically, the deck can be stacked against students whose parents don't have post-secondary education, or whose families don't speak English at home, or who study abroad. As educators dedicated to principles of equity and diversity, we wanted to develop software to help level this playing field and help students.

We knew we wanted a tool that would adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity, be pedagogically sound, de-incentivise cheating and plagiarism, and guide students through the process of drafting an academic essay.

And from that EssayJack was born.


Drs Rueban Balasubramaniam (LLB, MPhil, SJD) and Lindy Ledohowski (BA, BEd, MA, PhD)

quote We work with educational partners around the world; we still find ourselves in secondary, college, and university classes, and we offer a wide range of webinars. Helping others unlock the secrets of academic writing is important to us today as it was when we began this software adventure. We continue to evolve and improve the EssayJack platform with user feedback.
Our Vision

To make critical thinking and writing easier for everyone. No one should have to stare at a blank page!

Our Mission

We believe in the power of critical thinking and writing to change the world. We will be the world leader in English digital communication.

Notable awards and recognition

All Digital Schools Editor's Choice

Award category: Communication with Students, English, Poetry, Reading, Teacher Tools, and Writing category, 2020.

Asia startup awards 2019

PitchDeck Asia Startup Awards

Winner of Edtech Startup Most Likely to Succeed, 2019.

Edited Logos

Tech Edvocate Awards

Finalist for Best Literacy App or Tool, 2018.

LBF Logo v2-1

London Book Fair Excellence Awards

Finalist for Educational Learning Resources, 2017.

Eltons 2016

British Council & Cambridge English ELTons

Finalist in Digital Innovation, 2016. Judge comments: “The most comprehensive structured writing tool Iʼve seen."

Accelerators we've worked with

A message from our CEO

I have spent my adult life dedicated to education. I was a tutor and then a secondary school teacher; after that, a university instructor and professor. I have taught students how to think and write critically and logically. I have taught teachers how to teach writing and literature. 


I truly believe that if we have mastery over the written word, then we have mastery over the world.


It has been my pleasure and honour to work with fantastic teams and people to bring the vision of EssayJack to fruition so that students, educators, and parents can feel supported in their writing goals.


If you can express yourself well, then we've done our job!

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski

Toronto, Canada

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