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I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to EssayJack. I am a massive procrastinator, but with the site I could see what I had finished and what else I had to work on and I did little sections every day and I finished my first draft 3 days early (that has never happened)!


Student, Carleton University

To be honest, if an actual person told me the tips EssayJack was giving (especially when I was in first year), and if I understood why each individual part (like background, evidence, explanation) was important, I would probably make them take my money.


Student, University of Toronto

EssayJack helped me with the format & provided helpful starters where I usually have issues. This allowed me to have visual examples of what I should be writing and put me on the right path to starting my essay.


Student, George Brown College

Better Writing

Your ideas are good. You can write pretty well. But your essay grades aren't as good as they can be. Get structure right and display your insights in the best way possible for school.

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Students improve academic essay grades

Better Grades

Writing an essay is all about learning how to communicate your point of view better. EssayJack's educator-built templates will guide you through your essays, keep you focused on your essay topic or thesis, and make sure you have a logical flow you're bound to improve your grades.

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Does it really matter if you can write better essays or not? Coherent and well-reasoned essays show you as a critical thinker. Using EssayJack templates will teach you how to think in a more logical and structured way, giving you an advantage in your future career!

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Reported a decrease in writing anxiety and increase confidence when using EssayJack.


Reported a decrease in time taken to complete essays when using EssayJack.


Reported improvement in grades after using EssayJack for written assignments.

Textboxes to fill out for each sub-section of an essay

Scaffolding and chunking

Smart templates, with dedicated textboxes for each sub-section so that writing is quick, easy, and focused.

Sentence starters, tips, & prompts

Never be at a loss for words with sentence starters to get you going, prompts to keep you thinking, and tips to make sure you know what you should be writing. 

Sentence starters, prompts and tips to get you writing quickly
Easily and simply create essay outlines

Simple, easy outlines

Use our "Build Conclusion" feature to quickly create a rough outline as soon as you finish writing your introduction. This helps you to see if the flow of your essay will make sense!

Our Founders

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski
Dr. Lindy Ledohowski
CEO and Co-Founder

I used to teach English to high school and university students. This was what inspired me to create a tool for writing, because I saw that often students had great ideas, but made errors in academic writing. I've written and graded thousands and thousands of essays over the years. I believe that if you can master the art of writing well, then you can achieve all your dreams!

Dr. Rueban Balasubramaniam
Dr. Rueban Balasubramaniam

I teach Law and Legal Philosophy at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. I've taught elementary students right up to supervising graduate theses. I grew up in an authoritarian educational system and never learned these skills in school. I was taught just to memorize. So I had to learn these skills the hard way. I want to help you skip that painful trial-and-error process.

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