Our Mission

We are an educational business where life-long learning and rigor are crucial components of what we do. 

We believe in the power of education to change the world.


Years Teaching

Co-founders are experts, teaching every grade from pre-kindergarten right up to doctoral level.


University Degrees

Co-founders have done it the hard way, earning 7 degrees and 2 postdoctoral fellowships.


Grants & Awards

Co-founders are the real deal with many teaching & research scholarships, awards, & grants.

Our Proven Stats

Our co-founders, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski & Dr. Rueban Balasubramaniam, have long believed that mastery over language is a profound equalizer. 

In their collective years of teaching, they recognized a problem; students weren’t equipped to deal with the demands of writing in schools, colleges, and universities.

And they felt that technology can and should help.

They had some clear principles informing the development of their ideal technology to help students and educators with critical thinking and writing:

  • It would have to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity.
  • It would have to be pedagogically sound, not gimmicky.
  • It would have to de-incentivize plagiarism and cheating.
  • It would not provide content or answers for students, but help them.

With keeping true to their philosophy that form influences content, and that user-driven development is key to giving students and educators what they want when it comes to essay writing and help, EssayJack as essay software was born.

EssayJack was developed as a prototype in 2014. Over 90% of the early student and teacher testers said that they'd use EssayJack again and recommed it to others, and so our co-founders worked with Canadian students and educators, primarily at the University of Toronto to determine what features were "must haves."

By 2015 a beta product was launched, and six months later, the British Council and Cambridge English named it one of the world's best English Language Teaching digital innovations and honoured EssayJack as an ELTon Award finalist at a red carpet gala in London in June 2016.

By the fall of 2016 EssayJack and Nelson partnered to bring EssayJack into schools, colleges and universities across Canada, and by summer 2017 EssayJack launched globally after completing various studies confirming that EssayJack does help with writing and improves grades.

Intelligent pedagogy informed by years of work in education coupled with intuitive design came together to produce a coherent, academically sound guided writing platform that adheres to the right standards.

EssayJack doesn't provide content. It isn't cheating, but it can help students get ahead or fill gaps in their own knowledge about what constitutes good writing.

Dr. Lindy

From the CEO

I have spent my adult life dedicated to education. I was a tutor and then a secondary school teacher, then a university instructor and professor.

I have taught students how to think and write critically and logically. I have taught teachers how to teach writing and literature. 

I truly believe that if we have mastery over the written word, then we have mastery over the world.

Analyze the world around you and be empowered!

It has been my pleasure and honour to work with fantastic teams and people to bring the vision of EssayJack to fruition so that students, educators, and parents can feel supported in their writing goals.

More than that, EssayJack can be used in corporate and business contexts. If you have writing tasks, our platform can help.

We believe that if you are happy, we are happy. If you can express yourself well, then we've done our job!

Everyone deserves the best English language writing training. Everyone deserves EssayJack.

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski CEO, EssayJack Inc.

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EssayJack Writing Software: NEW LOOK & FEEL!

A New Year and a fresh start! We're kicking off 2018 with a bang! 

As 2018 has dawned, we've begun the full roll out of our new EssayJack interface. 

There are still the same award-winning features and functions, but a whole new look and feel that makes EssayJack smoother, easier, and more fun. Oh, and we've added in some additional features.
Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 from Team EssayJack!.png
#EJ2017Moments Round up: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Most of our team has spent years and years in school, either as students or as educators. Our two co-founders have 7 university degrees between them, and they've taught every grade all the way up to the PhD level! What that means is that we know how tiring an academic year can be and how great it is to have holiday time around the turn of the new year.

So as we celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one, here are our top ten moments from 2017 as counted down under the #EJ2017moments hashtag:

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